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Trehantiri is the most common type of boat in the Aegean and now is used mainly as a fishing boat. Its main characteristic is the curved fore post of the bow, which sometimes approaches quadrant of the circle. Its name comes from the word “trohanthra” , which is refered to byzantine texts of the 10th century, and means “stern post”. Nowadays, the most of this kind of ships have 8-15 meters length and their capacity reach the 40-50 tons. Being a sailing boat, “trehantiri” had a capacity of 250 tons. As a fishing boat has, usually, one mast with one triangular sail (lateen or sakomeva) and later two masts with two spankers and was called “lovero”. The first copy has a length of 60 cm and its sailing type is “sakoleva”. The second copy has a length of 60 com and its sailing type is “bratsera” with two spanker booms. Dimensions Length (cm):150 Width (cm):35 Height (cm):122 Construction estimation: 3 months from order

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