Ship of Thira (Santorini)

Ship of Thira (Santorini)
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In the second millennium BC the shipyard show exceptional interest. The wall paintings of Thira (santorini) depict fleet of ships , whose characteristics indicate their Minoan origin. These vessels has the shape of a crescent. According to the findings, these ships were more than 30 meters and had 18-21 pairs of paddles. In the middle of the ship of the ship there is a mast with a large square sail. According to the researcher’s estimation , the mast was coming down and was based on forked columns ,keeping it in horizontal position. Its length was about four times bigger than its depth, until the top rigging of the shrouds. Another feature of the ships of that era was the cabin of the stern, in which the commander was sitting. According to the theories this cabin has Egyptian roots. The biggest part of the deck was covered by a roof, protecting the passengers from the sun and the rain. At the bow there was a long antenna , which probably was used for the anchoring in bottomless and small bays. At the stern was a moveable triangular ending that was used as a gangway (walkway onto a ship). Dimensions Length (cm):71 Width (cm):30 Height (cm):35 Construction estimation: 2,5 months from order

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