Ship of Mycenaean period

Ship of Mycenaean period
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The collapse of the Minoan civilization in 1600 BC , followed by the “Dark Age”. During this era there are no data on the development of shipbuilding. In Mycenaean times however, an intense shipbuilding activity is observed. Many representations on ancient vases depict ships with common characteristics. The post of the bow is so elevated, that in several representations surpasses even the height of the mast. There are ships with same characteristics in representations in Egypt. The interesting is the ship of Cheops, that was discovered in 1954, in excellent condition. The ship has a long keel and a sharply curved stern’s ending, presenting a bird’s tail. The elongated and straight bow’s ending is decorated with a bird’s head. Dimensions Length (cm):125 Width (cm):60 Height (cm):60 Construction estimation: 4 months from order

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