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“Perama” is a type of ship particularly known in East Aegean and the Sea Of Marmara. Its main characteristic is the peculiarity of the ends of handrails in the fore and stern. The two handrails are not linked with the two pillars , as they stop before them. At the fore there is also a mirror, vertically on the deck, where the handrails stop, linking in this way the two parapets. It’s a particularly shapely boat of 19th and 20th century with two masts and two spankers. However, there were “perama” with one mast and lateen and paddles, which were used for piratical or war operations. “Perama” was constructed mainly in Syros, In Plomari and in Samos. Nowadays, such kind of ship is not construted anymore, but there are many that have adapted and are used as recreational boats. Dimensions Length (cm):95 Width (cm):21 Height (cm):72 Construction estimation: 2,5 months from order

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