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“Karavoskaro” is a type of ship that prevailed in the 19th century. Due to the elliptical shape of the stern was constructed according to the method of “sala”. It reached the 40-50 meters length and 400-500 tons capacity. It is ,also, considered as a descendant of the Byzantine ship “Dromonas”. Initially was a fishing boat, but it was quickly expanded and used as a mean of transport or as a warship, and in subsequent periods even as a ferry and a recreational boat. Its design has influences from the west, while at the 19th century the largest ships that were sailing in the Aegean Sea usually were “Karavoskaro”. There were “karavoskaro”, that were designed to transfer carts and cars. Their use imposed their parapets to be at a lower level. With this design, which is called “Peramataria” the loading and the unloading of carts was easier. Dimensions Length (cm):115 Width (cm):17 Height (cm):88 Construction estimation: 4 months from order

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